love hina review



# eps: 24 eps, apr 2000 – sep 2000
producer: akamatsu ken
anidb rating (at time of writing): 7.83 (5218 votes)
my rating: 8.00


this post comes in second after evangelion as this was the second anime i watched – albeit about a year after i first watched evangelion. if i were to write this after i first completed the anime (at the impressionable age of 15), this anime would have rated much higher, for pretty obvious reasons below =D


naru’s gravity-defying hair still fills me with wonder even today – i’ve narrowed down the possibilities to either brylcreem or uhu glue. her love-hate relationship with keitaro is the main source of amusement in the anime, for reasons that i couldn’t describe properly when i first watched it. on hindsight, yes, i was hopelessly enthralled with her tsundere-ness.


shinobu-chan is so moeeeeee =) couldn’t really understand her devotion to keitaro though. well, keitaro was very kind to her when she didn’t fit into her school and when she was coping with the possibility of moving away from the town, but for goodness sakes, give up – it’s so painfully obvious that keitaro digs someone else =P


it’s really hard to find screencaps showing kitsune’s eyes open. as for why she’s part of the reason i could marathon love hina when i first watched it, i think the answer’s pretty obvious =)

i confess i managed to marathon this series not just once, but twice (!) in the span of a few days – i blame my raging hormones and the lack of other alternative anime to distract me. i did feel a sense of loss when the series ended, as there were so many unanswered questions – what happens to keitaro and naru? matoko’s future? haruka – with the amount of cigarettes she was smoking, would she have contracted lung cancer if the story dragged on slightly longer? (love hina again didn’t exist then)

as luck would have it, last year, i got to know someone in university had a copy of love hina (the files were EXACTLY those that i watched ages ago). although i had the intentions of marathoning it yet again, i discovered that i couldn’t progress beyond the 4th episode. the jokes, which i appreciated just a few years ago, had me whimpering in pained chuckles occasionally. ugh, some of the jokes were just so lame. as for fanservice.. well, it didn’t interest me as much as it did last time. i gave up watching the remaining episodes, content with knowing why i liked the anime so much last time.

if you haven’t watched it, i do recommend it, especially when you’re 15, single, stuck in an all-boys school without an outlet for your.. biological tendencies. despite not enjoying it as much anymore, i still do think it’s one of the better harem animes out there.

ps being a good biologist here, citing my sources – screencaps copied referenced from meansauce and anime galleries dot net.


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