ようこそ! give yourself a pat in the back, as the chances that someone actually visits this page (other than the author, of course) is exceedingly rare =P go out and buy a lottery ticket – today might be your lucky day!

why start a new blog?

it’s a question i ask myself all the time. why start a new blog when there are loads of well-written ones outside? i don’t know the exact answer myself.

i have watched more than 70 anime series by now, and sometimes, after i finish an anime series, i have a strong urge to find an outlet and rant about it. reading other people’s reviews weren’t sufficient – i wanted a place i could document my thoughts!

also, this is a good place where i could write my heart out, which hopefully compensates for the lack of biology essays i should be churning hehe.

what’s the focus of this blog?

i’ll be primarily writing on anime SERIES that i’ve finished, i won’t give a blow-by-blow account of what happened in the episodes – there are loads of other good anime blogs that cover those. i’ll just write what i think about the series as a whole.

i might include some other stuff such as games, but the focus would be on anime primarily.

why is the blog updated so infrequently?

how long does it take to finish an entire series of anime? marathoning would take 2+ days, but that’s kinda hard to pull off during school terms.. and sometimes, i’m busy with something else called life =)

and if i lack the enthusiasm to write about my thoughts, wouldn’t it be better if your eyes were protected against some third-grade, run-of-the-mill stuff? =)


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  1. […] .. actually, i wrote the about page earlier than this, so technically speaking this isn’t the first post […]

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